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Poster: Lou Davenport Date: Apr 30, 2011 12:20pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Road Trips IV/3 mix issues?

I have mine too, and have listened to some of disc 1 and the 11-20 material from disc 3. I've also listened to DS > Eyes from the bonus disc. All just once, though.

I agree that the sound is on the dark side, though it does sound clean and natural to me with good separation of the instruments in space. The keys are high in the mix, but that can't be the fault of the mastering, since the mix on two-track recordings was determined at the concert.

I just now listened to a couple of tracks from DP19 from 10-19-73, which does sound brighter, but I suspect that a lot of the sound energy in the upper frequencies is distortion. Jerry's guitar sound on RT 4/3 is sweeter and sounds more coherent than on DP19. The low end of Phil's bass is more authoritative on RT 4/3.

Maybe the difference owes to the different acoustics of Denver Coliseum vs. the Oklahoma State Fair Arena? Both seat about 10K, but the State Fair Arena may have better acoustics.

Or could it just be the mix the two nights? The drums are higher in the mix on DP19, which could contribute to the brighter sound.

Or did they equalize to boost the high frequencies on DP19, worried that otherwise buyers might complain of a muddy sound (and in doing so reveal more high-end distortion), while their philosophy may since have changed.

I like the performances I've listened to so far. Looks Like Rain from 11-21 is breathtaking, and while the jamming doesn't go very far in Here Comes Sunshine, the ensemble work is nicely put together. Jerry's guitar work on what I've listened to of both nights is sweetly composed. Stella Blue is lovely.

A question: does anyone know what jam they dabble with earlyish in The Other One, before the verse? Not Mind Left Body, which comes towards the end, but something else that's rather complex and I don't think I've heard before.

As to the bonus disc: not only are the keys too loud, but they're outright distorted in places late in Dark Star and into Eyes. I've always felt this Dark Star is a bit of a mess, and celebrated largely for being so long, and my listen last night didn't change my opinion of it. But Eyes has some nice moments.